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What is Shabdlangar and what does it do?
Shabdlangar creates a common platform for equitable education, knowledge sharing, and personal growth. Embracing the spirit of Sangat and Pangat, Shabdlangar is a dream initiative dedicated to providing education, sports facilities, health previliges, mental well-being programs, and mentorship opportunities for underprivileged youth.
How does Shabdlangar help financially underprivileged students preparing for competitive exams?
We provide various forms of support, including study materials, mentorship programs, online resources, and financial aid for coaching fees, all tailored to the specific needs of each student.
Can I volunteer for Shabdlangar? How can I get involved?
Yes, we welcome volunteers who are passionate about our cause. You can get involved by reaching out to us through our volunteer registration form on our website or by contacting our volunteer coordinator directly.
How can students apply for support from Shabdlangar?
Students can apply for support by filling out the application form available on our website. Our team reviews each application diligently to identify students in genuine need of assistance.
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